Fabrica: Sadly By Your Side

Fabrica: Sadly By Your Side - Blog Benetton

To continue with this super week, we’d like to introduce another of the very creative and interesting things Benetton is doing. A few posts back, we talked about Colors Magazine by Benetton, and today we are introducing a place called Fabrica, where Colors Magazine and many other artistic projects are created.

Fabrica is Benetton’s communications research center located in Cantena di Villorba, Italy. Fabrica is like a creative university lead by a group of people from around the world; it is a talent incubator. Young, creative and modern people from different places come here to develop groundbreaking projects and explore new directions in the communications world, through design, music, cinematography, photography, editorials and the internet.

Fabrica: Sadly By Your Side - Blog Benetton

One of the latest things developed by Fabrica in the music, design and internet area is an album called Sadly By Your Side, which  is also a Smartphone App, which works playing the songs and altering or mixing these songs through images received from the phone’s camera.

It may be a little hard to explain, but the camera tells the song how to mix the music depending on what kind of images it receives. This App doesn’t only mix the music, it shows you beautiful images, with mixing colors as the music plays. We recommend you to try this App, it’s free and it is really interesting since it brings us a new way of using music with our Smartphones.

Fabrica: Sadly By Your Side - Blog Benetton

The music on this album was composed and played by Davide Cairo, and the App was developed by Angelo Semeraro. Graphic design was by Matteo di Lioro and Claudio Fabbro; a really amazing team from Fabrica.



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