Fashionista in Taiwan

2011 is the 10th anniversary of MOCA Taipei.

Despite its historic site, the museum isn’t on a huge scale, but it is still the favorite landmark of Taipei citizens, thanks to its convenient location, the cheap ticket price and the fact that photography is allowed.

The most well-known exhibition of MOCA Taipei this fall is ‘Fashionista In Taiwan’: the ‘FIT’ exhibition features collections from 19 Taiwan-based fashion designers. In the exhibition, you can find not only the most classic work from senior designers but also new independent ones. I especially appreciate how MOCA Taipei offers new designers a chance to show their design, because it’s a very helpful way for newcomers to get more attention.

Every designer has an independent room to show their works. Some decorate the space with beautiful garments, others choose to project images or films to deliver their concepts. It’s definitely a very great opportunity for the fashion industry of Taiwan; it’s also a good way to spend a weekend afternoon!

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