Flowers in Manila

I have long heard about Dangwa, the famous flower market in Sampaloc, Manila.
I have already been to Balintawak, where farmers, fishermen and all kinds of suppliers drop their wares in one humongous open warehouse where supermarkets buyers, direct sellers, middlemen, and ordinary consumers go to buy their meat, grain, and produce. I never expected Manila’s flower market to dwarf the local wet market. Dangwa cannot be contained by any single warehouse; it encompasses four streets!

People visit Dangwa, composed of the streets of Dos Castillas, Laong-Laan, Maria Clara, at Dimasalang, not only to supply their own flower arrangement businesses; individuals also go there on their own so they can choose for themselves what they would like to give their sweethearts, their parents, and their friends or how they would like to arrange flowers of consolation for the bereaved, or flowers for company/group celebrations.

I am not an expert on flowers, though I was able to recognize some of those on display, like roses, daisies, birds of paradise… Many flowers I saw and touched for the first time! Hope you enjoy these pictures as much as I enjoyed taking them.

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