Friday Basic

Friday Basic - Blog Benetton

Friday Basic – this is how I will describe my outfit for the last day of the week and early weekend. White top, orange cotton pants, a bag with colorful dots and suede platform sandals, all from Benetton.

Basic, because these are the main parts of an outfit that is to be upgraded and embellished with accessories and whatever else you like, depending on your style. My rule for hot days is: the simpler, the better, you can’t go wrong. Everyone has basic items in their wardrobe, according to their lifestyle and activities.

Friday Basic - Blog BenettonFriday Basic - Blog Benetton

If you are an instructor at the gym, your wardrobe will be quite different from that of a corporate lawyer, but the white top is always present. Much depends on what you combine it with.

Trousers with a polished edge cuff and heels for a sleek look, or denim shorts and lower sandals. 
When choosing a basic item, plan to wear it many times. This same feature is a good investment because it will reward you many times in the future.

Friday Basic - Blog Benetton

It is the quality and fairly reasonable price that counts.
The only relief in the city during the summer are shorts with different lengths. I chose a striking color, but without much detail in the tailoring.

The fabric is 100% cotton, they are appropriate for your everyday outfit, for a late walk in the park with friends, hot night clubs; they are feminine and flirty.

Friday Basic - Blog Benetton

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