Girl’s talk about fashion

Girl's talk about fashion - Blog Benetton

In occasion of a very fun breakfast at the HD Diner, for the launch of the jeans line Pin Up by Benetton, I met a talented stylist and blogger, Marion from Girl’s Talk About Fashion blog.

With her, we discover the fashion trends that you will soon be eager to wear, but also her fashion must-haves.

Girl's talk about fashion - Blog Benetton

She has a real talent for pointing out the right outfits and fashion ideas perfect for us: affordable, trendy and modern.

She loves when it’s girly, colorful, with tropical or afro prints, bling necklaces or rainbow sky nail polish.

Girl's talk about fashion - Blog Benetton

Her blog is a refreshing mix of inspirational images and some fashion spreads she styled herself. How to wear a lose shirt or a pair of pink jeans? How to accessorize mini shorts? We follow her perfect shopping guidelines to find the best pieces that will give us an edge while remaining truly ourselves.

As an illustration, an excerpt from a fashion series Summer in Paris where Marion is reinterpreting the streetstyle spirit.

Styling: Marion Malabre
Photographer: Jeff Dubois
Make up & Hair: Lamia Make Up
Model: Alexa

Girl's talk about fashion - Blog Benetton

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