Good Cho’s: culture, food and art in Taiwan

Good Cho’s is a newly opened place integrated with design, culture, food and art, in Xinyi Public Assembly Hall which was the oldest and most famous historic family village in Taipei and now renovated as a culture inheritance area.

Before going into Good Cho’s, you will walk through a corridor which is designed as a photo gallery. Recently, a photo exhibition “101 shots of Taipei” by two foreigners was held there. The writer was excited to find that Benetton was in one of these shots.

Passing through the gallery, it’s a market place with a loft feel and displays a lot of organic products made by indie brands and all made in Taiwan. With the salesperson’s talk and the efforts that Good Cho’s has made to promote Taiwan local culture, you really should buy something there. The restaurant area serves snacks and light meals like bagels, hamburgers, coffee, tea and pastries.

The ingredients are well selected from various regions in Taiwan.
Operated by the “simple life” team which is the largest and localized art event organization, it let us fall in love with Taiwanese Culture again, thanks to the space, decoration, food and products, also because it’s localized and because of its quality and energetic way of organization, packing and marketing.

Going to Good Cho’s, you will feel warm, just like going home.

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