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Google Photo Tours - Blog Benetton

Recently Google unveiled a new service in addition to the already numerous benefits of Google Maps.

It’s called Google PhotoTours, and the mail feature is how it turns dozens of still pics into a photo gallery for more than 15,000 destinations.

Google Photo Tours - Blog Benetton

So how does Google Photo Tours work? It is basically a hybrid of Street View, and 2 other tools: Panoramio and Picasa. Then they put everything in a mixer, and voilà, 3D images in video format!

To use it, can go directly to the Google Photo Tours, where a list of places you can visit is displayed, or you can search in Google Maps places where want to visit virtually.

Google Photo Tours - Blog Benetton

Obviously, nothing compares to actually packing a bag and going there, but sometimes these experiences can be a good option to discover places that we may never have the opportunity to visit.

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