Granny’s magazines when they were not grannies

Little had changed in fashion magazines… in many, many years. In the beginning, Cosmopolitan felt proud of talking openly about sex, but at the same time, in the 80’s they gave advice like “don’t invite your gay friends to your parties because you can make your boyfriend uncomfortable”. Yeah right.

But besides the anecdotal details, fashion magazines still have kind of the same sections they’ve had since their beginnings in the last century. The one from today’s post is called Culture and it comes from the 20’s of the last century. What was interesting to a modern Mexican woman in the 20’s? Paris fashions and Hollywood actors, of course. It was the big moment of the first it-girl, Clara Bow.

This hobby of showing our style is not new, nor exclusive to personal style blogs (it is part of the joy of belonging to a community like It’s My Time). The difference is that now you can take your own photo and upload it to the web and show it to millions of people immediately. Before, you had to go to a studio, wait for the photos, send them to a magazine by mail and cross your fingers to be selected as one of the “beautiful readers of culture”.

A magazine like Culture was filled with short stories of romantic genre that happened in Siberia or in Polynesia but it also had articles about “what to do if a woman had to earn a living” and advice like “if you want to wear makeup, do it, your husband will get used to it”. It was also filled with advertising.

In the end, fashion magazines have turned out to be an historic and sociologic document. Don’t you think?

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