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Yes, while I’m writing I’m taking pictures of my lovely dogs and a second later posting them on Instagram!

This app is such an addiction to me, I have to keep record of all beautiful things around me like the sunset, flowers, animals, textures and of course my hairstyle of the day (is not a beautiful thing but still, somehow it became a habit)…

I have really short hair but I have so much fun styling it in different ways… have a look of some of them!

Hair + Instagram - Blog Benetton

Well it seems that all the celebrities are getting a short haircut this season… just to name few of them Rihanna, Miley Cyrus or Alicia Keys…

I can tell you that short hair is so versatile, comfortable and easy to style. I have tried to let it grow, but honestly, it was just impossible.

Hair + Instagram - Blog BenettonHair + Instagram - Blog Benetton

Why not go back to school with a new haircut?

Photos copyright: Aminta’s fashion

Hair + Instagram - Blog Benetton

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