Hallo! Introducing The Netherlands’ Benetton Blogger

Hello Everybody!

My name is Yvette Koedam and for the next few months I will represent the Dutchies for the Benetton Blog!

Besides my work for Benetton I blog for my own fashion blog called A Fashion House Of Cards. By starting my own fashion blog I’ve created a space on the world wide web where I can release all my ideas on fashion, beauty, lifestyle and so much more!

In the past few weeks I’ve been very busy preparing for Benetton and I am beyond excited to finally share my ideas and opinions with not only the readers of the Dutch Benetton Blog, but also with all you international readers! I feel blessed that I am part of this international network of bloggers! We’re like one big family! Every week I’ll post multiple updates on everything Fashion, Culture, Music, Technology and other related subjects!

So stay tuned and enjoy the ride!

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