Halloween: costume party!!!

I can’t believe that Halloween is just around the corner… for me is time to have fun, get creative DIY-ing costumes and eating lots of food (specially candies) with friends…

This time I have made a selection of creative and non-expensive costumes that you can easily “make” at home using your wardrobe basics a bit of make up and patience (in some cases).

Sara‘s option is not the easiest one – we don’t all have a giant toy house – but it´s a very creative way to reproduce the UP movie house. (which actually made me cry).

Halloween: costume party!!! - Blog Benetton

Katy got inspired by Alfred Hitchcock’s movie The Birds wearing a vintage suit and adding some fake birds and drops of blood on her face, I think she did a pretty amazing job.

Halloween: costume party!!! - Blog Benetton

What can you say about the mouse trap? Cute, funny and very easy… just get your pyjamas out like Robin did.

Halloween: costume party!!! - Blog Benetton

For the office ladies… how about dressing up like a highlighter?

Kelsey M. wore colorful tights + bodycone dress + DIY hat (maybe a cookie box would be helpful for that).

Halloween: costume party!!! - Blog Benetton

Yes! I’m the pink panther… I didn´t buy anything for this costume maybe the most complicated part was the make up ( but not really, it took me 8 min)… I’m wearing a tie as tail and a pink ribbon tied on a headband to make the ears.

Halloween: costume party!!! - Blog Benetton

Well hope these images give you some ideas on what to wear for Halloween or maybe just inspire you to do something even better.

Send us pictures of your costumes!!!

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