Headphones, accessory of the moment

Headphones accessory of the moment - Blog Benetton

Many technological objects have become part of our lives, but also (and especially) of our wardrobes. Among these, in addition to the increasingly popular smartphone with hundreds of covers, there are the headphones.

Large, colorful and showy, they are the accessory of the moment. Many people match the color of the mp3 player, but I prefer people who can match them to clothing of the day. They come in all shapes and colors, sparkly, with studs and even animal prints!

Headphones accessory of the moment - Blog Benetton

Personally, I have posted the photos of my headphones on instagram many times and I own two different models, in two different colors (red and pink). Some celebrities have created some real business producing headphones, making sure that all of us put aside the small, practical and comfortable earphones.

In the 90s (and a little later) the trend was to carry a bulky cd player and use tiny earphones, now we possess small mp3 players (some 4 cm) and very large headphones, colorful, bulky and very trendy, perfect to complete our street-style.

Headphones accessory of the moment - Blog Benetton

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