Hidden piece of art

Once upon a time there was a very talented painter who didn’t consider himself an artist.
Besides, he thought he was crazy and if people found out they would lock him up in an asylum. So he painted. He made very fine portraits and landscapes, but what he really wanted to paint was not for his time. As he was afraid his paintings being seen and people thinking he was crazy, he painted on the walls of his studio, hidden from all.

Sometimes, he cleaned his brushes on the walls. And a spot was turned into a little landscape or a ballet dancer with a tutu. And then another spot turned into a horse and this went on until the walls were left without a single space on them.

Joaquín Claussell was a famous journalist, political prisoner and painter, the best sample of his work is on the walls of his studio, at the City’s Museum, a space that we recommend you see. It’s located in Pino Suarez on the corner with República del Salvador (between Zócalo and Pino Suarez metro stations) in México, DF.

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