Hola! Introducing Mexico’s Benetton blogger

Hello everybody!
I’m pleased to introduce myself along with the rest of Benetton official bloggers. I’m the Mexican one.

Perhaps some readers will remember me from the beginning of It’s My Time. Last year, at the IMT blog I wrote a lot of posts where I shared my country with the rest of the world. Now being back in Benetton feels like returning to some old friend’s house.

What has happened between last year and now is than now I’m full time blogger. I keep BoticaPop, a fashion and trends blog in Spanish in which I also like to write about literature and films. I also write a blog at the dot com site of the Mexican magazine Gatopardo, you can find me there once a week in Blog Is The New Black.

I love writing as much as I love travel, movies and pretty books.

By the way, the Benetton Mexico official blog has already been running for a couple of months and the thing we most like to do there is have fun. We share photos of our readers’ favorite clothes or we look for Mexican Superheroes. That blog is a place to exchange ideas about art, fashion, technology and bicycles. We love our world and we look at it from where we are.

So if you read Spanish or if you would like to read Spanish just take a look!



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