How to make a terranium

How to make a terranium - Blog Benetton

On this side of the world it is almost winter, and most of our plants have already lost their leaves or have withered, but there’s no reason for not having them at home, specially because they clean our air, and bring life and joy to our environment.

One good option is choosing Succulent plants (they look like cactus but without the spines), they do not require great care and live a long time, so you can plant them any time of the year, and anyone can do it.

How to make a terranium - Blog Benetton

A great way to have this kind of plant at home is through terrariums, which are mini habitats in which we recreate the conditions of growth of any cacti.

There are many ways to build one, but the simplest is taking a glass jar, and put inside what we want to plant.

How to make a terranium - Blog BenettonHow to make a terranium - Blog Benetton

Of course there is a logical order to put everything, and usually it goes like this:

First, put some of rocks on the bottom to act as a drainage layer.
Second, put some Cactus or Palm soil mix in and make some little planting areas.
– Then plant your Succulent, while adding a bit of extra soil to secure them in place.
– And finally, put a layer of moss on top, but some people prefer to add a new layer of rocks.
– When everything is in place, add a little amount of water, just enough to moisten the soil.

So that’s it! You can now add some decoration, like tiny dinosaurs or create stunning scenes, as they do in Twig Terrariums.

Photo credits: Kirstin Eldridge, Inhabitat, Dapper Toad, Twig Terrariums, The Brick House

How to make a terranium - Blog Benetton

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