How to roll a sushi

How to roll a sushi - Blog Benetton

Sushi is the most famous Japanese dish and one of the most eating subcultures developed outside of Japan, great alternative to leafy salads.

I, now showing you how to roll a home made sushi using the basic of ingredients, it will take less than 90 minutes with fuss.

1. Place a seaweed sheet on rolling mat (wrapped with cling film for hygiene purpose), spread a cupful of cooked-warm sushi rice evening over the seaweed sheet pressing with wet finger tips, leaving 1 inch border at the edge for sealing.

How to roll a sushi - Blog BenettonHow to roll a sushi - Blog Benetton

2. Arrange small portion of your ideal fillings (I’m using slices of avocados and mock crab sticks) in a horizontal line down the centre of the rice. If you like, you can smear a small amount of wasabi or salad cream (I know!) in the fillings.

How to roll a sushi - Blog Benetton

3. Roll up the sushi tightly with the cling film wrapped sushi mat to form a packed tubular shaped cylinder. Lightly squeeze and make sure the roll is tightly packed and secured, seal the border with wet finger tips.

How to roll a sushi - Blog Benetton

4. With a wet blade, cut each sushi roll into 1.5 inch rounds, you can eat the unsightly ends.

How to roll a sushi - Blog Benetton

5. You can serve the sushi on its own or with a bowl of soy sauce or go crazy with salad cream. Oooo lala.

Of course there’s alternative way to create a perfect, hassle free sushi using a brilliant innovation tool from Tupperware.

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