How to tie a tie

I must admit.

The first time I actually learned to tie my own tie was well after college, when I had to do it myself for work. Before that, I always asked my father to prepare my ties for me – with the perfect dimple of course. I would just loosen his ready-to-wear specimens after dressing up (for the prom, the ball, and even later for semi-formal occasions). I know it sounds embarrassing.

Whenever I did forget when I was already working, I used to refer to YouTube tutorials. Good thing iPhone app developers have created something both educational and practical.

The How to Tie a Tie app shows the directions not just for your usual Four-in-Hand, Windsor, and Half-Windsor. It also instructs on how to tie styles such as the Atlantic, Diagonal, Plattsburg, and Persian. It reminds men that certain styles go with specific shirt collar widths. (Remember of course that the thickness and fabric of the ties have to be kept into consideration.)

Now there is no reason any guy shouldn’t know the basics to how to tie his tie. Of course, it may take a bit of time and experience before one can produce that perfect dimple.

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