I want it now!

It’s hard for those of us who live in Santiago to find decent artwork at an affordable price, mainly because most of it is overpriced or it looks too generic and industrialized. So when I found Lo quiero ahora! -which literally means “I want it now”- I felt super excited.

Lo quiero ahora! started as a personal project created by graphic designer Valentina Corral, when she was moving to her new apartment. She went over a hundred places looking for some nice art to fill her empty walls, but she didn’t found what she wanted and decided to make it herself, with an eco-friendy twist: she used an ecological framework composed of more than 80% recycled materials. Everyone loved her work, and some time later, she launched her online store.

Now more people have joined this project and each one of them contributes with their own style, but they all take inspiration from the current graphic and interior design trends.

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