Illustrators of the Youth: 20 Years

It’s been more than a decade since I last read children’s books.

Recently I have encountered them again since I wanted to buy them as gifts for my own nieces and nephews. Instantly, I was transported back to the days when our mother would read us stories about the origins of ordinary things, folk legends, and all things wondrous and magical.

Sadly, not all of the books of my youth were still available at bookstores. Good thing that the Ayala Museum is now holding an exhibition of 20 years of illustrated works published in children’s books.

I still remember reopening some of them after our mom read them to us, and reading them over and over until the pages became dog-eared and the covers fell from their spines. At the exhibition, walls were decorated with larger-than-life illustrations of characters. Foam dioramas breathed life into memorable scenes.

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