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Where does inspiration comes from? When? How do we catch up with it?

I, and maybe many of you, have asked those questions to yourself… now, I can say it’s like an extra sense our body has, keeping us aware of every single thing, smell, shape, texture or whatever is around us and being capable of transforming it and making it something tangible, material in your daily work. It doesn´t have to be a creative job, it is just the “happy feeling” of doing what you do, the best way you can and doing it better because you are sensitive to all the positive inputs the world has for you, yes!

I said positive, just be aware of the sound of the birds each morning instead of the cars horns, enjoy having a warm coffe in your hands on a cold morning and feel how your body feels much better with it, smile to others even if you don´t know them and they will do the same (at least some of them). Try to do it for few days and if nothing happens leave it, but I’m sure you will love it.

Artwork by Przemek Blejzyk via Behance

Inspiration Przemek Blejzyk | Benetton BlogInspiration Przemek Blejzyk | Benetton Blog

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