International Children’s Day

International Children Day - Blog Benetton

Maybe you don’t know it, but this is a very special day: today we celebrate International Children’s Day. That’s because precisely 23 years ago, on November 20 1989, the UN General Assembly approved the Convention of the Rights of the Child, a set of 41 articles that define the rights of children all around the World.

The Convention, that Italy ratified in 1991, binds all adhering Countries to the respect of the rights of every child without regard to race or faith and its four fundamental principles are: non-discrimination, adherence to the best interests of the child, the right to life, survival and development and the right to participate.

Big and important commercial brands are helping organizations such as UNICEF to promote events and initiatives all around Italy to celebrate this year’s International Children Day: let’s join them and, please, if you happen to see a fund-raising stand stop and think about all those children who’s have been denied their rights, who have to fight each and every day for survival and who, after all, just dream to live a normal life, like ours.



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