Into the wild: Zacango Zoo

We went on a trip to Zacango Zoo, 14 kilometers from Toluca City in the Estado de México and we took some pictures. A visit to this zoo is a good option for a short weekend trip.

Zacango is a pretty big zoo that can be explored by foot, by train or by road; it counts almost 200 wild species. There is an area called the “African zone” in which animals are not caged and if you’re lucky you will encounter some of the zoo’s personnel who will allow you to hold an eagle on your arm.

The herpetarium deserves a special mention because it’s the most important in Latin America for its variety of species and yes, it’s spectacular… do you like dinosaurs? Well, we won’t tell you anymore, but we’ll leave you the pictures instead, all of them courtesy of Héctor Barrera.



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