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It’s been a year already since Apple fans first speculated about the new features of the upcoming iPhone 5 – the first iPhone designed after Steve Job‘s passing.

Last year, crazy rumors circulated about fantastic holographic projections, which no one was able to prove. Remember the projected keyboard?

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This year, fans get a kick creating videos of a transparent iPhone 5 that could capture pictures visible right through it. Imagine the possibilities of such a gadget, if it were indeed being prototyped.

I’m sure engineers, architects, and interior and industrial designers will find such a device very useful when drafting plans and product sketches. If true, there shouldn’t be anything stopping Apple from turning the smartphone into a magnifying glass.

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The funniest prediction so far depicts the iPhone 5 as a super malleable object that actually bends under increased heat, only to return to its former shape within seconds.

Even if these rumors are not true, they sure set our imagination running wild!

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