It is México!

It is México! - Blog Benetton

Es Mx (“it is México”) is an integral Project born, according to their creators “from the desire to reveal a México full of architecture design, fashion and art, as well as feminine identity and photography”.

We would define Es Mx as a wide ranging photographic project. To start, the idea is to realize 10 to 12 images in 16 states of our country, over almost a year and a half. The idea is that all the resources must be local: hotels picked for their uniqueness, professional models and amateur girls from the states where the shooting is done, local designers too.

The end result will be a mosaic of Mexican beauty. Or, again in the words of the creators “a collective portrait with the beauty of each state, representing the feminine identity that changes day to day in each place”.

It is México! - Blog Benetton

Behind the whole project there is a main wish: show the beautiful aspects of our country that are different from the ones that we see in everyday news. Until now the Jalisco and Morelos stages have been completed, but they have a lot of photo-shoots ahead and, for that reason, there is a lot of space for the girls that want to participate.

The pictures that accompany this post belong to the Guadalajara shoot.

It is México! - Blog BenettonIt is México! - Blog Benetton

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