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Japanese Dream - Blog BenettonJapanese Dream - Blog Benetton

Japanese Dream: Felice Beato and the Japanese school of Yokohama, is the perfect read to continue traveling with your mind when the dreadful moment comes for you to return from the summer vacations!

The book is a collection of wonderful pictures taken by Italian traveler Felice Beato during a trip to Japan in 1863, in a period when access to the Empire of the Rising Sun was particularly difficult due to the state’s strict border policies.

The shots describe the traditions and the colors of nineteenth century Japan and are coupled to passages, verses and aphorisms from Japanese literature that complete the meaning and enhance the glamour of the images.

Photos copyright: Raccolte Museali Fratelli Alinari (RMFA), Firenze, su Licenza Alinari 24 ORE S.p.A.

Japanese Dream - Blog BenettonJapanese Dream - Blog Benetton

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