Jeans or leggings? Jeggings!

What – It is the latest trend of the season: a cross between jeans and leggings. A cool hybrid in fashion which falls fully into the must have category.

How – They are made in the same stretch fabric as leggings but it looks like you are wearing a pair of jeans. The originals are indigo, like blue jeans but you can find them in a great variety of colors and forms. Distressed, vintage, light-washed, with contrasting stitching, with fake pockets and fastenings, capri style, blue, black, red, yellow and more. Pair them with a long shirt or an 80’s style blazer for casual wear or choose black to put under a black dress with high-heels if you want to dress them up for cocktail time.

Who – Celebrities over-use jeggings. Sure, they have a big following. As for us ordinary girls, we need to be careful not to unconditionally follow them. Being aware of our body shape, we can all wear jeggings and look great. If height is not your strong point, put them with heels, if you’re tall, pair them with flats.

When – Jeggings are really versatile. They’re perfect for a casual outfit to be worn during the day with a wide belt at the waist and a scarf around your neck, and also great in the evening for a happy hour with friends: style that will get you noticed!



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