Juan Yarur Collection: a personal Story

Juan Yarur Collection a personal Story - Blog Benetton

This is the name of Juan Yarur’s art exhibition that literally took over the MAC (Museum of Contemprary Art in Chile). Juan Yarur is one of Chile’s most important collectors of contemporary art. Together with his curator, Cecilia Brunson, they achieved this fantastic collection. It is really amazing, there aren’t enough words to describe how exciting it was to visit this art show.

When you walk into the museum, the first thing that shows up is a big white wall, covered with plastic bags that have been filled with water. When you look at it from far away, you can observe a map. This is the work of Chilean artist Catalina Bauer, who won Juan Yarur and Cecilia Brunson’s AMA scholarship in 2011. This scholarship gives a Chilean artist a residency abroad every year. As you keep on walking, the exhibition gets better with every step.

A beautiful lithography in bubble gum pink and baby blue of Marilyn Monroe by Andy Warhol, a photograph of her by Eve Arnold. A huge hamburger by David Lachapelle and John Galliano in Wonderland photographed by the great Annie Lebovitz. A Donut painting by Boo Ritson. A whole room filled with pieces that could be at the MOMA or Tate Modern, this is a luxury.

Juan Yarur Collection a personal Story - Blog Benetton

Beautiful butterfly lithographs everywhere in metallic tones by Damien Hirst, a whole room covered in them. As you go up to the second floor, the pieces speak of sex and fetishism. Drag, drag, drag. A photographic series of the talented Chilean photographer Paz Errazuriz which portrays the transvestite underground in Chile in the 80’s.

The museum is covered with incomparable pieces. Photographs, paintings, lithographs, sculptures and art installations. It is a perfect mixture of contemporaneity and history, of great Chilean and international artists. This was made with love, patience and delicacy.

Juan Yarur Collection a personal Story - Blog Benetton

Interview with Juan Yarur

How did you begin your art collection?
My collection has been formed in almost ten years of constant conversations in which I have learned a lot and my taste has changed a lot too. At the beginning, the collection started with something much more pop; I did a presentation for school on Andy Warhol in the 4th grade and then I instinctively wanted to be a collector.
It wasn’t until much later when I could finally buy the Marilyn Monroe lithography by Andy Warhol.

Selection process: When you see a piece you like, do you want it immediately or do you go through a meditated process?
Both things happen in my collection: the personal and the investigation. All the pieces have gone through a conversation process. There are many pieces I wanted by whim but my curator Cecilia Brunson talked me out of buying them. She paid attention to other pieces that were born out of my own particular interest.

What does collecting art mean to you?
It just happened. I never thought I would end up doing something like this or that it would ever interest me. My curator Cecilia Brunson showed me the world of art and it happened little by little. I began to fall in love with it and it reached the point we are at today.

Which is the importance of Chilean art in your collection?
I began by collecting foreign pieces, but throughout the years it has become fundamental. In fact, the first time I ever showed my collection, it was only Chilean contemporary art in the “Techtonic Shift” collection in the Saatchi gallery in London. This is when I realized how important it was, not only for me, but in the world art scene.

What are the pieces that have most sentimental value in your collection?
I don’t own a piece that is more important than others. I love them all the same. Each piece has a different language and story, I wouldn’t be able to say which I love more.

Juan Yarur Collection a personal Story - Blog Benetton

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