Kiera’s Chaplin black hat

Kiera's Chaplin black hat - Blog Benetton

Kiera Chaplin, actress and model, as well as an active supporter of UNESCO (Kiera has been recently recognized with an award for her work with this organization).

She’s the first ambassador for The Amy Winehouse Foundation which aims to help teenagers in difficult situations. She is also the granddaughter of one of the greatest screen legends: Charlie Chaplin.

Kiera's Chaplin black hat - Blog Benetton

For our latest communication campaign we have dressed her in black. We love the contrast it makes with her blond hair, don’t you love it too? However, when we asked her what her favorite colors are she told us purple and red… Because I have been told that purple is the color of protection. And because red is the color of passion.

Kiera seems a bit of a “bad girl” with her tattoos and her story: when she was still very young she went to Paris to find work as a model, even though her parents were against it. After six months without getting anything someone advised her to try in New York.

Kiera's Chaplin black hat - Blog Benetton

When Kiera got her first jobs there were other girls rumoring that her surname gave her the work. Kiera said it used to hurt until she discovered that the famous photographer Mario Testino, who had chosen her for a session, had no idea of the family relationship.

Since then time has passed and Kiera has been in front of the lens of most major industry legends: Bruce Weber, Herb Ritz, Greg Kadel, Pamela Hanson, Michel Comte, Inez and Vinoodh and Karl Lagerfeld. Now she brings to Benetton all that strength and charm.

This is Kiera Chaplin: passionate, loud, rebellious and compassionate. We are proud to have her as our ambassador.

Kiera's Chaplin black hat - Blog Benetton

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