Let’s do a detox break

Let's do a detox break - Blog Benetton

Detox. Five little letters that you hear everywhere!
In magazines, on the internet… What’s is it?

With a modern lifestyle, pollution, lack of exercise, a diet too rich and too sweet, you end up fouling up your body. You feel tired and heavy.

Let's do a detox break - Blog Benetton

Every star is trying it, all swearing by the vegetable juice and fruit cure, with raw food and a healthy lifestyle.

Just see the smoothie success! In these uncertain times, there is more and more awareness about our life, our environment and what we eat. So we’re suddenly hunting down toxins!

Let's do a detox break - Blog Benetton

Why not start on a little detox cure this Fall season? It’s good to get started after the holidays or any periods of excess, to clean out your liver and body and build up your intake of minerals and vitamins.

You can buy a blender and make your own fresh fruit and vegetable juices at home. Let’s quit refined products and focus fully on teas and lighter meals. For tips, get Les Paresseuses Detox guide.

Let's do a detox break - Blog Benetton

And for those who are too lazy to cook detox every day, I have discovered the Detox Delight concept by chatting with friends.

This catering service delivers at your place for one, two, three, five or ten days, depending on your needs and your willingness to follow a vegetable and fresh fruit juices diet, or just follow an ultra healthy and tasty vegetarian diet. Real detox cocktails, to clean your body and your head.

Let's do a detox break - Blog BenettonLet's do a detox break - Blog Benetton

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