Lily (unconventional) McMenamy

Lily unconventional McMenamy - Blog Benetton

If you could do anything what would you do? When Lily McMenamy asked herself that question at 18 years, the answer was “live in Paris”. And so this London girl moved, alone. Daughter of the legendary model Kristen McMenamy, Lily has an outstanding and androgynous beauty and has seduced the fashion world with her delicate and flamboyant personality.

Daughter of a jet setter and 90s top, yet Lily is someone who is easy to identify with. She’s full of the desire to experiment and that has led her to photography to art, literature, fashion, yoga and cooking.

Lily unconventional McMenamy - Blog BenettonLily unconventional McMenamy - Blog Benetton

Interestingly, she has no tattoos and she was overwhelmed with the rest of the “amazing” (in her words) models that were with her backstage at her first catwalk.

Lily enjoys makeup, but not to hide anything, but to accentuate what she likes, which is very inspiring to us. What do you think about our new ambassador?

Lily unconventional McMenamy - Blog Benetton

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