Limited Edition Arturo Elena

The great thing about art is that you’re free to choose any sort of topic and any sort of method to do it in. On a daily basis you’re allowed to follow your intuitions. There are those who express themselves via canvas, others who hit the streets to decorate our cities with murals, and another bunch who simply have the urge to wear their very own creations.

Prêt-à-porter art! An idea that United Colors of Benetton has really taken to, and boy do they have their sights set high. Having always been on the lookout for the most intriguing artistic themes, the Treviso-based brand is collaborating on its latest project with Arturo Elena, the graceful Spanish designer and visionary: a true artist within his genre.


Arturo has a rich history of working in the fashion industry: he worked as a fashion designer for men’s and women’s collections in Toledo, Valencia and Barcelona until making his move to Seville in 1992, where he decided to focus solely on illustration.

The move coincided with the realization that his passion wasn’t necessarily to be a stylist, but rather to give life to what others could only imagine, turning desire into reality. It wasn’t long before things really took off, as Arturo gained national and international notoriety for his work. In just a few short months, his work appeared in some of the most prestigious magazines in both Spanish and international fashion, such as Elle, Telva, Mujer Hoy, Yo Dona, and Cosmopolitan. Such originality really struck the industry: from his subject matter to his spirit, each design brought along with it the complexity of a story, a trait reminiscent of a sculptor’s work.


His models are delicate and sinuous willows, icons of elegance created for the sole purpose of giving life to the garments that they appear on. These agile and celestial figures flee from their creator’s fingertips and appear to be dancing among the ink-ridden pages as if they were gracious holograms, seemingly elusive and fleeting but at the same time able to convey strength and utter willpower. The final product is full of images you can relate to, as if they were able to pop out from the design and present themselves before your very own eyes.

Stylistic flair and passion meet baffling attention to detail when talent fuses together with a love of cinema, photography and freestyle art.



And just like that, Benetton didn’t have to think twice when it chalked up a collaboration for the new Fall Winter Collection, as Arturo himself recalls, “I would never turn down the opportunity to work on a collaboration with a new client when I see a resemblance between the brand’s style and my very own work. And that’s exactly what happened this time around with Benetton. I firmly believe that this project will offer up a great experience for both sides… It’s truly an honour to be able to dedicate myself to the two things I love most: fashion and illustration.”


The project saw great efforts from Arturo Elena, but also from the Benetton Team: an all-around team effort paved the way for an original yet sophisticated Limited Edition Collection featuring 4 unique tees. These tees, which you can check out here even before getting the chance to wear them, will make their way to all Benetton stores on 25 July.

In anticipation of that date, we’ll leave you with some kind words from a recent statement by Arturo himself: “In a professional setting, pleasing the client is the greatest accomplishment that I could ever ask for.” And we’ve done everything in our reach to be able to say the same about all of you!

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