Limoncello: Italian Fragrance

Nothing goes with summer like a sweet, lemon-flavoured dessert liqueur. Fragrant, delicious ice-cold Limoncello has – in just a short period – become a staple on tables around the world, often beating out its equally historic counterparts.

Limoncello and lemons

The origin of this lemon extract dates back to the early 900s and, as is usually the case with highly acclaimed matter, its exact origins are to this day highly debated. For decades, the people of Sorrento, Amalfi, and Capri have made claims to the throne of the original concoction. However one thing can be said with absolute certainty: in Capri Limoncello gets the royal treatment. You can find it everywhere: on strawberries, ice cream, fruit salad, and even rum babà cake. It is a true regional treat that may be served year-round as a drink or even dessert.

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This golden liqueur enlivens the island one season after another. Made from Femminello lemons, it is equally as appealing to the eye as to the palate.

Large and juicy, they have no citrus rival. The world-renowned digestif cannot be made from just any type of lemon; although many imitations exist both abroad and at home, “Limoncello” is the name reserved for the drink made solely from IGP lemons of the Sorrento peninsula, of which Capri is a fitting extension.


A product rooted in soil that preserves its own country’s strength and tradition; where the splendour of myth, age-old excursion and enchanting rustic scenery meets taste, genuine product and simple yet refined recipe; where culture and nature are bound together as one, mixing the old and new alike, bringing back memories of when the island was a cultural breeding ground for writers and artists in search of inspiration.

And it’s that very charm and harmony found in these places, a symbol in itself of Italian culture and beauty, that has made Capri the ideal setting to host the latest United Colors of Benetton 2014 Collection, shot between the steep trails and broad glimpses of blue.

From seasonally inspired fresh and glam looks to even more sophisticated outfits that match up soft lines to light fabrics with tribal motifs and decorations. Outfits that think outside the box, where allover print tunics, lace tops and jeweled camisoles pair with cotton trousers or comfy embroidered or patterned shorts. The colours, above all, stand out as they remind us of breathtaking natural sights: desert sand, green, white and blue.


A masterful trade indeed, all the Italian inspiration and taste is seen at every step of the way even down to suppertime. And at meal’s end Limoncello is always there waiting, with its ability to top off any type of palate: as a delightful refresher, if diluted with tonic water, it turns into an aperitif that goes great with champagne!

To really hit the ground running with a nice, refreshing cocktail, get a hold of Limoncello, ice, mint and prosecco. Take two glasses from the freezer and proceed as follows: pour a base of limoncello inside, lightly sprinkle mint leaves that have been pre-washed and split into pieces by hand, then add a bit of crushed ice and top it all off with a splash of prosecco. The final product will be flawless.

Cocktail in the garden

On those Caprese nights, there isn’t a single table without a golden bottle… down where the time inches by, the air’s warmth digs deep and passers-by look on in sheer astonishment as lights dot the marvellous coast.



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