Lisbon: four elements, four artists

Artworks at the central square of Colombo shopping center in Lisbon? Yes, it’s true. Blame it on the “Four Elements, Four Artists” exhibition, a partnership with Berardo Collection.
The exhibition draws on elements of nature, essential to human life – fire, water, air and earth – represented by four art works by Portuguese artists of reference in contemporary art.

After “Red Independent Heart” ( by Joana Vasconcelos), “Google Plane” (Michael Palma), and “Kinetics of Silence” (Susana Petticoat), the piece “The Measure of All Things” , by Isaque Pinheiro, arrived at Colombo today.

The giant wooden piece, represents the element “earth” and refers to questions and theories, such as Protagoras (487-410 BC), who came to the maxim “Man is the measure of all things.” This piece can be seen at the Central Square of Colombo until October 26.

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