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Who has not dreamed of living in a castle? The truth is that I do, at least at some point in my life, and seeing those stone monsters up high, witnesses of many intrigues, invites you to experience the history and secrets hidden within its walls.

Today we can enjoy them in many ways, and fortunately, in Spain, we have a great cultural heritage in which the castles are a fundamental part of the landscape. We can find them converted into a museum, as Peñafiel Castle, which is a wine museum. Where you can learn the process behind this precious drink.

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We also have a chance to sleep in some of them, as they are open as hotels like in Benavente or Ciudad Rodrigo, a sixteenth century castle that belonged to Henry of Transtamare.

Imagine that you are the lords of the castle for one or more nights, and have breakfast sitting in wooden chairs where the old nobility once ate. It is increasingly common for them to be part of historic routes. Now just grab a map and decide where you want to go because they are waiting for you.

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