Love for knitwear

Without hesitation, I can say that color knitwear will never bore me.

To recall the uniform period during high school, between plain shirt and pleated skirt, I always loved to put on a knitted pullover or cardigan to make the boring uniform outfit more layered.
Now, many years after graduating, I still depend on these old-time partners so much. Of course the color or style limit of knitwear no longer exists and I can choose any colors I like to wear. I still miss my uniform knitwear once in a while, it always reminds me of beautiful youth and pureness.

This autumn, the un-changing thing is the companion of Benetton’s color knitwear. I especially love the variety of colors and slim cut, as well as the extreme softness that Benetton’s knitwear brings to me. I can’t help to say that again, color knitwear will never bore me!

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