Love is all around

Love is all around - Blog benetton

Today is Valentine’s Day, the day dedicated to romantic love!

Over the last few days I’ve seen shops frantically preparing for this occasion, selling Valentine themed gadgets and gifts and their approach made me think… Yes, because I believe Valentine’s Day should be an opportunity to celebrate love and sentiments and not just another excuse to try to make a good impression with some gifts!

Love is all around - Blog benetton

That’s why today I will not post about all the Benetton Spring/Summer Collection products you could buy for your partners (even if I’m sure they’d adore them) and I’d like to dedicate this entry to Valentine Day’s true meaning – love – and to the way Benetton lives it and tries to spread it all over the world supporting the UNHATE campaign.

Since November 2011, Benetton supports the UNHATE foundation and its campaign aimed at promoting global love. The purpose of the campaign is to make people realize that hate springs up from the fear of what we think is different from us, usually because we don’t know it. You may recall the UNHATE ad campaign that appeared all over the world: pictures showing rival political as well as religious leaders kissing each other, exchanging the simplest and most spontaneous symbol of love.

Love is all around - Blog benetton

What a criticism, what a shock did those picture cause! Well, in occasion of this day dedicated to the true meaning of love, I want to ask you to focus on the message behind the UNHATE campaign without stopping at the images of the ads, hoping that the call to stop hating and global love passed on by the foundation may be with us every day and not only on Valentine’s Day.

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