Magazine addict

I can’t remember from which film or book I heard or read a character saying that there are two kinds of people: magazine types and book types.
There is also a song that warns against beauty magazines, since, the narrator of the song says, “they will only make you feel ugly”.

Of course I don’t buy either of the quotes.

For me, one can be a bookworm while still liking glossies, or the other way around. I think editorial images have a different type of appeal from literature, with both having varying levels of utility for our day-to-day lives (even if we don’t have to look like models).

True, the contents found in magazines lose their freshness right before the next issue, unlike poetry and novels. That is why magazines come out so often!

I first fell in love with these publications when I visited Booksale, where magazines are available months after their release, and at much lower prices…

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