Magic Eudoxie

Eudoxie, I do not know how to start to introduce her to you.

She is a real talent that you need to meet if you haven’t already done so. First I will tell you she is a fairy hands fashion illustrator painting and sketching fashionista life scenes like no one else, with the elegance and chill of a great Lady. You can see for yourself with this small selection of her work. It is femininity at the end of a brush and a rainbow of soft and refined colors. She is also a hat designer and my dear friend.

She is distilling her Lady-like sense of humor by painting watercolor sketches in which she imagines her dream fashion outfits for her blog Eudoxie Diary. We are all so fond of the charm of her so expressive drawings. It is a way of talking about fashion without taking herself seriously! She is on the side of poetry and lightness and that’s what we really need a small daily dose of.

(Copyright Images Eudoxie Diary)

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