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Maison & object in color - Blog Benetton

Recently, the Maison & Objet trade show took place, an international fair where the major decoration brands, contemporary designers, creative arts and crafts all meet. It is held in Paris twice a year.

Going there is the opportunity to discover and become familiar with the upcoming trends in home and lifestyle. Is it because the current period is so depressed with the economy difficulties, gray winter faces and an uncertain future, that the decor trends are adorned with a thousand colors, fun features and regressive objects?

In any case, this is what the Maison & Objet show is promising for next summer for home design and products. It’s almost as if the designers had agreed to advocate putting a little color, inventiveness and good humor in your daily life. Some sweetness and fantasy!

Maison & object in color - Blog BenettonMaison & object in color - Blog BenettonMaison & object in color - Blog Benetton

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