Maria Cristina Novello, the Benetton contest winner

Maria Cristina Novello is the Italian winner of the Benetton contest for the best comment on the topic: “Benetton, wool and color”. Blogger and mother, she was invited to the Lana Sutra party and had the opportunity to attend this wonderful event that took place on September 6 in Milan and, fittingly, was all about wool and color.

During the party I had the pleasure to meet Maria Cristina and find out what an enjoyable and interesting person she is. So let me introduce her to all of you with this little interview.

How did you start your blog and what is it about?
My blog originated from my passion for writing, communication and relationships with other people. I’ve had all those experiences in my previous jobs, but always “behind the scenes”. This blog is me, my world with my feelings and interests. The inspiration to start this project came from two very important points of my life: Udine, my hometown, in the heart of Friuli, a land that I love, and my grandmother Giuseppina, a great woman, a stylist and an excellent cook.

How did you find out about the contest and what made you want to join it?
I found the contest on Facebook: I read it and decided to participate, it was like following an unrolling wool thread, which lead me to Milan.

Talking about the Lana Sutra event, how did you feel at the party?
At the beginning I felt lost, but all around me everything was so colorful and joyful that it got me involved. Maybe in the whole of this event I was only a marginal stitch… but just these invisible stiches are the basis of a pullover or a dress: I represented all unknown people, who come to a Benetton shop everyday to buy clothes or accessories. Thanks to this image I felt like a main character.

What do you think about the wool&color-made Benetton’s DNA?
I think that among so many genetically modified things, the Benetton DNA must conserve its basic characteristics as long as possible. Surely it must evolve to keep step with fashion, but not change itself. Benetton is one of the top names of our made in Italy: skilfully mixed wool and colour are its unmistakable and intrinsically unchangeable charm

Congratulations to Maria Cristina and a big good luck for her blog!

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