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Men who dance Concheros - Blog Benetton

The Concheros are popular dancers. Some sources indicate that their dances are ritual, with Hispanic and Mexican roots linked to various religious holidays. Other sources point out that this is popular belief and it is wrong. We are not experts but we know that they are part of the urban landscape in downtown Mexico City and other cities.

In Mexico City you can see them dancing, with great rhythmic accompaniment of the shells on their ankles (hence the name: concheros=”shellers”), they also offer to clean your aura or read “Aztec” tarot (totally contemporary syncretism). In the city of Querétaro, there is even a monument to the dancing conchero relatively recently installed.

Men who dance Concheros - Blog BenettonMen who dance Concheros - Blog Benetton

The so-called “cultural Aztec dancers” reject the Catholic religion and European instruments, and often learn the Classical Nahuatl language (the original aztec language). There are some groups that allow everybody to join during the exercise of their dances, so anyone with an interest can dance with them. We’ve done it once for fun and although it might look a little weird, after a bit of dancing you get tired and satisfied, with very high energy, as when performing any other joyfully physical activity.

According to Wikipedia, the importance of the concheros lies mainly in conservation networks and the preservation of tradition, thus forming dance schools with workshops about prehispanic philosophy or Nahuatl lessons.

Photos by Héctor Barrera

Men who dance Concheros - Blog BenettonMen who dance Concheros - Blog Benetton

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