Merhaba! Introducing our new Turkey’s Benetton Blogger

Hello everyone!

My name is Nazli Veziroglu. I am the new blogger for Benetton Turkey. I’m so happy to be a part of the Benetton Family and it is truly an honor for me since Benetton always had a special place in my heart and childhood. I was born in Adana, and now I’m living in İstanbul having changed 4 cities and 7 schools in the process. Right now, I’m 21 and attending İstanbul University, Faculty of Business. I love sneakers, reading, movies, travelling, swimming and blogging, indeed. :)

My blogging adventure started with my love for sneakers. I’m a sneaker freak and I just can’t get enough of them! Since I can’t have all of the sneakers in the world, I found a solution. I started stopping people with amazing sneakers on the street and taking photos of them. And then came my first blog.

It was a fashion blog but mainly focused on sneakers and the photos I took in the streets. But after a while, I realized that sneakers were more important than my ‘daily outfit’ posts, so I started a blog only on sneakers. I also write posts for my friends’ blogs.

So here I am now, starting yet another amazing blog. I’m just very excited. I hope to meet you all very soon.

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