Merhaba! Introducing Turkey’s Benetton Blogger

Hazal… I’m thirty years-old. Blogger for the last 30 months.

I write about eating, drinking, reading, art, galleries, fashion, books, looks, people, festivals, airports, buses… in short about urban life and style. Enjoy traveling with as little luggage as possible. I love pens, pencils, notebooks, Bloody Mary, Berlin, East London on Sundays, Toscana, Parisian cafés, quotes such as “the opposite of reality is possibility.”

I have a love and hate relationship with Istanbul, that’s why left it to live in Nantes (France) for a year and in Ithaca (U.S.A) for four, but ended up coming back where the fish is fresh, salads are dressed with lemon juice, apples have aroma and people are loud.

I wear short skirts, sandals, blue t-shirts, gray hats. Have long hair and dark brown eyes. Favorite writers: Stephan Zweig, Paul Auster, Fernando Pessoa, Albert Camus, Pablo Neruda, Lawrence Block, Dostoyevsky, Cesare Pavese, Blaise Cendrars, Kurt Vonnegut, Amin Maalouf. Favorite films change, but to name a few: Wristcutters, The Boat that Rocked, Little White Lies, Godfather, 99 Francs, Amores Perros, Great Expectations, Smoke.

Favorite music playing constantly on the iPhone: The Foals, XX, Madeleine Peyroux, Jay Kay, Depeche Mode, Zaz, Bonobo, Radiohead, Gainsbourg, Daft Punk, Nouvelle Vague. Studied photography, but was never a big talent. Work for three different companies as a freelancer; publishing digital magazines, preparing projects, running blogs. Nowadays my dream is to travel to Belem (Brazil).

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