Mexican pin up

Whenever you think of pin up girls and depending on your references (you may think of cartoons or real women) usually what it comes to your mind is an American girl.

It was because of the launch of the Pin Up sweater from Benetton that we were thinking about that, so, you know, one thing led to another and suddenly we were asking ourselves if there would be such thing as a Mexican pin up girl. And the answer is yes.

Sara Montiel qualifies for the position (we know she was born in Spain but in the end she became Mexican). Then we have Dolores del Río but the ones taking the applause are the old illustrations.

Originally “pin up girl” meant “calendar girl”, because these photographs were destined to be printed in calendars and then hung on a wall and there we found a long Mexican tradition. There is a book of Angela Villalba named “Chicas de calendario mexicanas” (Mexican calendar girls) that gathers images from 1930 till 1960.

We like the sexy but innocent side of the pin up girls and we are in favor that any girl brings that up once in a while. What do you think?

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