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More than half of the world population lives in countries that have received a great influence of Buddhist ideas and practices but in western countries it is common to hear the following questions: What is Buddhism? Is it a religion? A philosophy? Some kind of psychotherapy? Insiders say that Buddhism is all that and more.

We went to visit the Buddhist Center of Colonia Roma (there is another in Coyoacán) at Mexico City and we discovered some of the activities that are offered in either center: Yoga, meditation, Buddhism courses, etc.

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Since the time of Buddha – and that’s five hundred years before the appearance of Christianity- to the mid-twentieth century, the West knew almost nothing about Buddhism, however, the situation has changed a lot.

It’s partly the work of sites like the one in this post: they open their arms to everybody, regardless of their religion. Whether you are looking for a yoga class to exercise your body or in search of a way of life, you may find it here.

Photo credit: Héctor Barrera

Mexico City Buddhism - Blog Benetton 2Mexico City Buddhism - Blog Benetton 2

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