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Morning coffee - Blog BenettonMorning coffee - Blog Benetton

It is very important how we contribute to our positive mood on the first day of the working week. What could be better than a hot cup of coffee or cappuccino, that “smiles” at you? :-)

Meet Mike Breach – barista who began to experiment with the creation of mini portraits and pictures on a cup of coffee with a little milk foam at the bar where he works. Mike makes quick and detailed portraits on warm cappuccino, where we could enjoy it for a moment, just before the first sip.

The artist says that the drawings themselves are some “kind of a joke”, but in this way he is able to create a short connection with his clients and make a small positive contribution to their day. The good thing is that Mr. Breach manages to snap a quick picture of his works every day, which you can view on his Tumblr.

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