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Mustang wanted - Blog BenettonMustang wanted - Blog Benetton

He’s a madman and seemingly accident-proof. Nerves of steel. Lives of a cat. He’s the craziest of them all. He’s 26 years old, comes from the Ukraine (not Krypton), but looks like he could be Superman’s cousin.

What this youth does – he who lives and breaths adrenaline – is throw himself into voids to then hold-on without any type of tool or protection. Yes, he is without doubt fascinated with vertigo, and what he wants, simply, is to live life to the limit.

According to his own words: “Death is not the worst that could happen. Everyone dies, but not everyone lives their life like they want to”.

Oh my hero. The guy receives offers and endorsement proposals from companies and individuals who want to show him support, and why not support this former lawyer who walked away from his suits to become a real-life Spiderman? All dreams are valid. And, if you want to follow-up on his maneuverings, you can visit his personal site.

Mustang wanted - Blog BenettonMustang wanted - Blog Benetton

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