Oh Goddess: Olivia Palermo, how you do it?

Olivia Palermo - Blog BenettonOlivia Palermo - Blog Benetton

Do you remember the post about the most fashionable couples? One of them was Olivia Palermo with her model boyfriend.

She is a total obsession for thousands of girls and guys, because she is pretty, thin, with unique style, a closet and a gorgeous boyfriend. And in addition she dresses incredibly well.

Olivia Palermo - Blog Benetton

This New Yorker Lady Miss of high society studied mass media and then she appeared in the reality TV show “The Hills”, signed a contract with a model agency, appeared on the covers of magazines, and the whole world knew her and loved her.

I don’t know exactly what her success formula is, but she is always impeccably dressed. Incredible. She knows very well how to dress for her body shape, is not afraid of exploring colors, textures, silhouettes … etc. I think she is a genius.

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Olivia Palermo - Blog BenettonOlivia Palermo - Blog Benetton

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