Olà! Introducing Perú’s Benetton blogger

Hi, I am Lorena Salmón, like the fish.

I am 30 years old, have two lovely kids and the idea of getting a pet this Christmas. I live in Lima, capital of Perú, which is one of my favorites cities (I really don’t travel a lot). Here I can go to surf in 10 minutes because we, the limeños, are lucky enough to have the sea very close to our homes. Yeah. I am also practicing some longboard skate (I would really love to be one of those beautiful girls who can ride either a boardsurf or a skate like a professional and always look good). But I am on my way.

I studied journalism and started working at 19 in different locals magazines, then one day everything changed when I discovered this blog craziness and joined the band and started a blog.

When I started blogging I was like a kid, I really didn´t care about my look very much, I had short hair (a very pixie hairstyle) so I didn´t have to take care of my hair. I wore a lot of sneakers (never high heels) and didn´t know anything about make up and fashion was entertainment.

Now, I am an other woman. I buy a lot of pumps, I take like forever to get ready for a night out, I know a lot of fashion stuff and dream about going to the fashion weeks of the world.

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