Our city needs something like this

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And whoever says the contrary is mistaken.
Lima is growing non stop with these monumental buildings, intelligent but lifeless, and we must do something about it: if the beauty it used to have – colonial houses, beautiful architecture – isn’t there anymore, or at least is headed to extinction (after the Limatambo building is demolished, there will be nothing left to do) we have to make it beautiful. Yes. How can we not? Or better yet, why not?

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The idea by Sabina Lang and Daniel Bauman, a Swedish artist couple, has been developing since 2003 and is based on giving street painting a spin. Since then, the couple has had 7 installations of this type, making European streets more beautiful.

Questions: Do you like the idea? Would you be interested in it being done here? Where? And what’s most important: who do you think could do it here?

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